25 March, 2010

Hockey Pucks And Celebrity Fucks

Hockey Pucks And Celebrity Fucks


There are many reasons why I’m an idiot. I won’t indulge them all because I don’t think Blogspot has enough server space for all of it. There are a couple of reasons that I will indulge. Like this fun little knowledge nugget. I went to the Flyers’ game last night; a birthday gift from my friend Jenny. During the pre-game warmup, Jenny and I were chatting and enjoying the miasma of people and smells and sensations of an area preparing for sport. As the Flyers took their practice shots on net, an errant puck scaled the safety net and shotgunned me right in the double pierced left nipple. A bloody and bruised nipple later, I had a genuine NHL practice puck. The reason why I’m an idiot is because I wasn’t paying attention to the pre-game. That puck could have taken out Jenny’s perfect teeth; then what kind of companion would I be? A shitty one. That’s what kind. No wonder why I’m single; I put women in the perilous position of nearly getting crushed by a practice puck. I’m such an asshole.

You know, kids, I really, really, really didn’t want to talk about this Bombshell McGee thing that’s happening. I very much wanted to avoid talking about the tattooed mistress that helped instigated the demise of the Jesse James, Sandra Bullock relationship. I didn’t want to write about it because it isn’t an issue about modification. It isn’t an issue about beauty, and it isn’t an issue about our culture. It’s just some dude that fuct some broad and got caught and exposed as a douchebag. Like we all didn’t know Jesse James was a douchebag before he dipped his pen in the inked model’s...ink. That was weak. I’ll edit that (probably not). But I have been compelled to write on this because, from certain point of view, it has become an issue within the culture. It isn’t so much as the story itself is a modification issue, so much as it is how it is being reported by mainstream media.

I know, I know. I’m a conservative so automatically you think that I think that all the media is controlled by those who lap the drippings of the dong of the liberal agenda. I do think that most times, but that’s not the point. Well, it’s part of the point. After this Bombshell McGee woman became a name familiar to everyone from the followers of the modded model community to the eighty year olds lined up in their wheelchairs in front of the TV at the old folks home, she has been destroyed by the mainstream media for being things that she may or may not be. I have read only one article, penned by psychologist Dr. Belisa Vranich for Fox News, that called this McGee woman beautiful. One. And the article wasn’t even about the situation. It was about men being attracted to tattooed women. The rest of the coverage I’ve read, including Fox News to which I am very devoted, has painted this woman as some kind of keeper of one of Dante’s rings of hell.

I have read her being called a skank. I have read her called a homewrecker. I have read freak, creepy, weirdo, gold-digger, whore, Nazi, disgusting, mutilated body, her parents must be horrified, silly tattoos, and comparisons to the Tiger Woods debacle making Wood’s infidelity seem much more pedestrian. Apparently, McGee is totally down with the coverage, planning to use all of this nonsense to further her whatever career.

She has words tattooed on her forehead. She has tattoos that some translate as white supremacist. She is, without a brief nose hair of a doubt, unconventional. In her unconvention (I just made that word up), she is standing out to the eager column writers as being fringe beyond reasonable understanding. I agree that she personifies a point of view that is drastically on one side of the scale, but I take issue with the idea that she is or isn’t a good person simply by virtue of her heavy modification. I couldn’t give the maggot shit in a compost heap what kind of person she is. Her mods oughtn’t speak to the type of person she is more than her behavior does.

Cheaters are worthless derelicts of society that ought to be prepared for the demon raping they will participate in when they get to hell. Cheaters are terrible excuses for people. Once a person cheats, his moral compass has been demagnetized, and any input to an issue or question of right and wrong is worthless. Anyone who has been cheated on knows this. Violators of trust are the worst ring of shit hiding in the dark corners of the bowl. And I don’t want to hear any shit about polyamorous relationships. My jury is still out on that nonsense. I’m talking about people who are committed and willingly betray the trust of the person that believes that trust is iron clad. Jesse James is this type of rotting mess, and so is Bombshell McGee. It doesn’t matter that it’s Sandra Bullock, America’s sweetheart, girl next door, good woman bullshit. To me, Sandra and who she is doesn’t matter. All that matters is that dick X betrayed pussy Y by fucking pussy Z. These are the yardsticks by which Jesse and Bombshell whatever ought to be measured; not that Jesse makes bicycles or whatever the fuck he does, and McGee likes Nazis.

With that said, the media needs to relinquish its obsession with the skin of McGee, and focus on the heart and character of McGee AND Jesse. The media loves these types of stories because it gives them cart blanche to defame the people involved under the protection of ‘well, they’re not good people.’ So they find the things about these people that are easily exploited. Like tattoos on the forehead. Yeah, very unconventional, but McGee’s forehead tattoos have nothing to do with her getting plooked by a guy in a committed relationship. She could be a translucent quadriplegic who speaks only the language that was invented for the TV series “Alien Nation.” It doesn’t matter. She’s worthless because she fuct something she shouldn’t have. Jesse is worthless because he fuct something she shouldn’t have. In no way do their modifications manipulate the severity of the scenario. Scumbags come in all shapes and sizes. The media needs to abandon the idea that people on the fringe of culture behave in ways unacceptable to society at large. Her mods didn’t make her pork Jesse ‘I make bicycles for grownups’ James. Her shitty moral and ethical points of view did. And her stupid, dirty vagina.

I wasn’t going to write about this, and I shouldn’t have written about this; but I have had people I know, acquaintances at the bookstore, approach me about this to get my opinion. Why? Because I’m modified, and for some reason when a modified person makes news, people think I need to make a statement about it. This man-goo receptacle isn’t someone who represents the entire culture. She’s more of a representative of the valueless mongoloids who think that betraying the trust of another person is acceptable behavior. This has nothing to do with modification, but you’d never know that by reading the articles and news splattered across the scrolling text at the bottom of your TV screen. I even read an article that posed the question, “Kat Von D: Did She Ink Michelle “Bombshell” McGee?” The article was five sentences long, and the answer was “No.” Does the unmodified media think that we all hang out together? I’m tattooed and Paul Booth is a tattoo artist. I’ve never met the guy. I’d like to, but we don’t know each other. Why is that less surprising? Jesus. It really blows my mind that, as liberal as the media tends to be (tends to be, save the hate mail), they will always lasso those who are outside of the realm of convention and make them additional fee, special attractions in the zoo of society. Aren’t liberal minded people supposed to be more open to various ideas? Makes no sense to me.

This isn’t about my opinion of how the liberal media reports the ‘news.’ Well, it is a little. The point is that these people ought to be painted with an ill colored brush because they are self-serving adulterers, not because they are unconventionally modified. So she’s got a tattoo on her forehead, and he has a tattoo on his palm. Are they good people? No? Then fuck them for that, not for their mods. Stay beautiful, kids.

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