08 March, 2010

Here’s To New Beginnings

Here’s To New Beginnings


I have something to be satisfied about today. I got my print copy of Tattoo Guru magazine in which I have a featured column. Swing over to their Facebook page and check them out. These guys are pretty rad. It’s an odd satisfaction to see words in print. That sounds dumb, actually. But our society has decided to shrink words and photos into tiny little ones and zeroes so that people across the world can share in the wonders of literature. I wonder how Ben Franklin would have taken the idea that someday words would be zipped across wires to people who stare at lighted boxes that can think faster than they can and can give them any information they would want to know. I could always head into the city and ask him. There’s a guy that looks like Ben that the city pays to walk around and make appearances. I need a gig like that. Who do I look like?

So I’ve moved the weekly blog over to this space. Why? Myspace is dying, kids, and I want to make sure we’re getting out to as many people as we can. If you’re reading this, then you’ve come with us over to this space. If you’re not reading this, then you wouldn’t know that any of this has been written. Or this. Or this. For those of you that have come with us over to this space, thank you for your readership. I’ll try to provide some quality shit for you to read. If you’re a new reader, swing over to www.myspace.com/mysticmetals to see the weekly rants from the last two years. That’s right, kids. In August, we’ll have been sharing ideas for two years. That’s a lot of shit to read. If you’re new to this blog, let me tell you what we do here.

I talk about modification. I talk about beauty. I talk about sociology and anthropology. I talk about baseball sometimes, and I talk about horror movies frequently. But mostly, I talk about beauty. I write about beauty because it is the only inalienable thing that all human beings have. That, and subjectivity. But we are all beautiful regardless of how our faces are shaped, how our bodies are fashioned, or how our souls are tarnished by events from the past that we wish hadn’t happened.

My readers are those who modify themselves. I write to them. What do we mean by modification? Simply, we change ourselves to more properly fit the concept of beauty that we hold for ourselves. Tattoo. Piercing. Implants, pocketing, scarring, branding, splitting, stretching, hair dye, fingernail paint, plastic surgery, make up, slacks and blouses. These are all modifications to our aesthetic. We talk about these. We celebrate these. Some of my readers are unmodified. Like my mother. She reads every week and she only has one tattoo that she got just this year. She understands what I do here, and celebrates with me.

I don’t discriminate very often. Well, we all have discriminating tastes regarding this and that and whatever. To think that all of my decision making is totally objective is absurd. I celebrate the beauty of unmodified people as well. All of us who are modified were unmodified at some point. We are all in the same boat, rowing through stares and whispers and shitty judgmental people’s opinions. It is probably likely that a stranger will approach me and ask me an inappropriate question about my aesthetic before a stranger will approach an unmodded person to do the same. We’re an easy target for curiosity. I write about the questions.

Some people don’t know what to think about us. Some people have a jealousy that their jobs or situations in life don’t allow them to be modified. Some people have a disgust that we are damaging our bodies in a way that is against this or that. Some people have an honest curiosity that is an intrigue in what I do, but it isn’t exactly for them. I write about these people. I write about what those who think we are freaks do to maintain or share their ideas. Like laws being made to prevent what we do. Like no splitting in Delaware. Like no sclera tattooing in Oklahoma. I write about laws that protect what we do, and I write about people’s abuses of what we do. I am terribly opinionated, aren’t I?

Some weeks, I write about myself. He’s the only person I know better than anyone else. I share things about my life that some may keep secret. I write about what shapes my opinions and points of view. I encourage discussion and introspection. I write about writing. I write about words and their meanings. I don’t believe in ‘bad’ words. I believe adults ought to be able to use adult words in an adult way. I believe that nothing is off limits, and I will answer any question I am asked.

I write for a sense of community without conformity. I write so that those of us with similar interests and beliefs toward beauty and modification can have a place to mingle, discuss, argue, and share ideas. My instant messenger is always open for anyone to talk. I write in this community so that I can make sense of things that are happening in my reality. This weekly ranting about beauty and modification is a sort of therapy for me. You guys don’t charge me an arm and a dick to do it, though. I appreciate that.

So, if you’re new to me, stay here and enjoy what I do. If you disagree with my rants, comment. Start discussions. Have a dialog. If you’ve returned to me from the myspace, thank you for sticking with me. I promise the coming weeks will provide some quality rants and opinions. Here’s to new beginnings. Stay beautiful, kids.

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